Most forum members have been to The STIHL National Championship Air Races many times.. I intentionally try add the full name of the event in all my posts and thread titles because it gets the search engines to record those terms... GOOD FOR THE SPORT!

That said... I'm going to throw this thread open so that those of us who have been to the event for many years might help remind all of us who will be heading to the most amazing aviation spectacle held anywhere in the world...

The STIHL National Championship Air Races!

Of some very important stuff to remember.. I'll start with... two things..


It is very easy to get a damaging sunburn at the 5000 foot plus elevation at Reno Stead Airport due to the lack of the natural sunscreen of lower elevations. I speak from experience, I had a three layer, blister and peel three times, sunburn in '65 when I was 14 from a day laying on my back in an innertube at Tahoe.. it's about 7k up there, but if you're not used to the 5k that is Reno Tahoe Stead area... USE SUNSCREEN!

The second is that it is very easy to not realize that you are getting dehydrated when you're excited, distracted and just enjoying yourself!!

Remind everyone around to drink lots of water.. beer is a ton of fun, especially if you buy it at the taps that help fund the purse!! (all of them), but... you HAVE to drink water, or the alcohol in the beer will pull more water out of you than the beer put in!

I'd love it if this thread stayed active just as a reminder to drink water! I really don't have a problem remembering sunscreen but I sure do forget to drink enough water sometimes!


Remind everyone to drink water..

That's my .02.5