On a more serious note, to stay on track with the thread...

Here is our "checklist" for the week:

Lots of money
Good shoes
Baby wipes
Shuttle pass
Tums or Rolaids
More money
Back-pack (or something similar)
Clothes for the weather
More money

For our crew, the races are a sort of reunion of great friends. Of course we see each other throughout the year, but the races are a "guys only" event and we treat it as such. I will admit, we drink too much beer over the weekend, ut damn do we have a great time!

For every beer I drink, I drink a bottle of water. We eat a lot of food from different vendors and that, coupled with the beer, one of us usually gets heartburn. Combine a lot of beer, with all the great food, and usage of baby wipes is inevitable.

We walk a lot so good shoes are a must, but I have done the entire weekend in flip flops.

Clothes for the weather is a must. I think it was 2004(?) where it was snowing on the back side of the course and it was bone chilling cold. The year before, I got one of the worst sunburns of my life and didn't think to check the weather. Of course, we show up with shorts a t-shirts only to find us buying any sweatshirt we could find.

We've got it down pretty good now, but every year we seem to forget something...

Have fun y'all