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Thread: How come no swept wings on a prop plane?

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    Sorry my lack of proper terminology, swept or not swept ?????? I'm talking what does it take to have the plane controllable at mach speed? And the link proves that propellers will do mach speeds despite all the nay saying. I guess I have a problem when someone says it can't be done. I like to find a way that it can be. If I remember a P51 could almost cruise at altitude along side a jet airliner, well maybe not cruise but?

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    Quote Originally Posted by V1670 View Post
    Interesting topic. Just WHAT constitutes a swept wing? If you look at a DC-3 or a B-36 (to mention a few) they have swept LEADING edge, but I'd hardly call that a swept wing. Bell experimented with a swept wing on a P-63.
    Always thought Vendetta and Miss Ashley II looked really good and thought they had a lot of potential, but if it was so good......why didn't anyone else follow that pattern? Way back, Miller's Pushy Cat had a swept wing in F1.

    Enjoying this discussion.
    It's a bit ironic - at least to me - that the P-63 with the swept wing was known as the L-39; the L-39s we know are straight wing jets:

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