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Thread: Race 64

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fence Sence View Post
    Race 64 was in Reno yesterday. I was in Cold Springs yesterday and heard a Mustang. Saw it departing north but couldn’t really see it to tell who it was. As soon as I was done, I headed down to Stead to see if there was anything to see. Les Salz was in his hanger working on his T-28 so I stopped in to say hi and asked about a the Mustang. He confirmed it was the 64 and Vicky.
    Yes sure was! I'm friends with one of the RARA guys that's on site all of the time. He took some pics of it from afar, but I was 95% sure it was Vicky stepping out. Anyone know why yet? Stopping through on her way somewhere else? Either way it's sweet to have an Unlimited stop by Stead any time of the year! I also think Vicky would make a great Unlimited president sometime down the line if Sherm ever stepped away!
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    Too cool!

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