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Thread: Interesting New Venue Development

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    Default Interesting New Venue Development

    I haven't heard anything about this before. Seems like they want to do a sort of Red Bull pylon style, yet still "racing" similar to the 1v1s at Reno the past few years. Just another possibility to extend the outreach to a more diverse group of fans.

    I'm more curious if this airport could satisfy a Stead course? It looks like they have a pretty good airshow presence and looking at it in Google Earth doesn't really look like it's an airshow airport.
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    With the popularity of the Sport Class growing a series of races could be doable. The sound of the engines in the Sport Class is similar to the fastest unlimiteds and that adds to the appeal of that class. Time will tell.

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    Iím interested to see how it goes. I like that RARA is expanding themselves a bit. A Sport class series seems fairly feasible.
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