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    Hello All,

    Could someone please tell me what issue an article was in "Warbirds International" magazine that was about Mike Carroll and his Sea Fury and Cobra racers?

    Thanks for any information!

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    I am interested to know as well.....

    Aeroplane Monthly December 2014 had an article with Cobra III in it. I am also trying to source magazine articles on all the various P-39 & P-63 Cobra race planes. Someone had also emailed me a 3-view picture of Cobra III but I can no longer find it.


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    Look on Cleveland National Air Lots of photos for 1946/1949 & some articles.
    Lockheed Bob

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    Warbirds International Vol. 28, issue no. 6 in 2009 had an accident report on Cobra III.

    Warbirds International Vol. 31, issue no. 6 in 2013 had the full story on the P-39.

    T J

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