Hello All,
The little Nemesis F1 is going to be featured as part of a new display at the Washington Mall NASM beginning 2020 Called "The Winners Circle, Nation of Speed". The Museum is looking for video of the plane racing at Reno or anywhere else you might have from 1991 through 1999. If any of you have anything you like to have be part of the finalized video to run in the display, I'm sure they would love to have it and share the credit. I think what they are planning is to have a video running along with the plane for the duration of the display, about 10 years So help you can or want.... Just holler and we'll put you in touch with the lady doing the edit. The dispaly of the Little Nemesis will be in good company with several other "Winners" both aircraft and on wheels. How exciting!!!!!
Thanks to all of you in advance!!
Jon and Tricia Sharp
Team Nemesis!