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Thread: Stead Visit

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    OT-2 Stead Visit

    I was out to Stead yesterday & talked to a guy by the T6 hanger & he said the rest of the T6 books,etc. have been put in storage & the 4sale sign will be removed in a couple of weeks. He also said the American Air Race(Blue Thunder0 hanger & business is up 4 sale @ $1million? The "Bear" is still in its cave. No other activity going on.
    Lockheed Bob

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    Default Re: Stead Visit

    Thanks for the update, LB. I'm headed to RNO tomorrow PM for a meeting with RARA and Tbirds to go over all aspects of the airshow layout, logistics, and all the rest. Meeting is at ANG @ RNO then off to Stead for a tour.

    Less than two months to PRS. Airshow season is well underway. Here we go...
    Owen Ashurst
    Performer Air Boss - Reno Air Races

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