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Thread: Drone racing: How I spend the off-season

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    Drone racing is one of the ways I pass the off-season. I just won an event this past weekend. It's a simple foam flying wing to keep things cheap and easy to repair. Painted mine based on the Gee Bee Z (or Batman, whichever suits you more) it goes 70mph.
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    Video recorded through my goggles.

    And this is what it looks like during a mid-air

    It may not be reno, but it is a real adrenaline rush when you make it through a gate without crashing. And working on speed mods for Reno helps here as well. I was able to design my own winglets that manage to be smaller and more stable than the winglets that came with the kit.
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    Also the copper tape is something I stole from the 1930s racers like the M.C. 72 when the radiators where integrated into the wing surfaces. The electronic guts on these things do get hot. Usually people have these components sticking out into the air stream for cooing, but that's also creating drag. The copper tape has allowed me to mount my electronics flush with the surface to gain some microknots.
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    Default Re: Drone racing: How I spend the off-season

    THAT is COOL!
    Love your mods, well done!

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