This was a quick and fun doodle that came up on a fb group, figured I would share it here.
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The red outline is stock, and the black outline is the racer.

* new canopy
* clipped wings
* extend the chin radiator inlets and shrink the inlet and outlet areas similar to what is on Jon's NXT and Anequim.
* add outer gear doors to cover the tires
* G10 style tail for more yaw stability
* K-model tail wheel doors
* speed tape/seal off the LE slats
* fair in/seal the upper radiator flaps into the wing and extend the radiator inlets (until they hit the gear) similar to the chin scoop
* Shrink down the elbow intake for the supercharger. maybe even move it to where the nose gun ports are if possible?
* block off and remove all gun ports/blisters
* fairing under wing for aileron linkage
The paintscheme is based on a friend's nickname and Anger from the movie Inside Out.

When I really started looking into systems, things got interesting. There is very little room inside. The fuel tank is just big enough for the fuel, and then you would need to fit the ADI and spray bar water in the munitions bays and anywhere else you can stash an extra tank. Boil off seems right out without significantly modifying the wing by adding a bladder or something.