So Iím typically in contact with the guy that manages the reports site year round and during race week. Heís in charge of pretty much everything that goes into that site from registration data (which I like since it allows me to know the entries prior to their release), and even more importantly rapid reports on qualifying and races during the actual race week. I guess thereís a lot of changes going on in RARA, most seem to be good.

If you look at the reports site now, it is a huge downgrade from what is was since 2007, that being a ďsearchableĒ database to find information on certain planes and pilots from 2007 until now. This was a huge help to me and I imagine some of you... as of right now that might be gone for good. Like I said, there are some changes going on inside RARA and the timing/scoring side of that might be taking a hit. It seems as if reports will be posted pretty much how they are posted on paper during race week at the NAG shack I believe... For those of us that like to know qualifying and race speeds within minutes of them happening, Iím a bit concerned that might not be the case anymore, could be wrong, hoping Iím wrong... This could all be jumping the gun a bit since nothing is in stone, but it would be shame for the reports site to take that direction.