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Thread: Stead Tour After The Races

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    I went out to Stead Saturday & you would never know the Races were last week. Most of the same Jets were on the ramp. The "Rare Bear' & "232' were back in the hanger & the "Bear" trailer has been parked out back. The only race plane in the pits was "Miss TNT' T6 and it was canopy covered with no one in sight. Work was being completed out on the runways No activity in the Blue Thunder hanger. The GA stands are down, blue barrels gone, most pylons down & no sani-huts in sight.
    Lockheed Bob

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    Bob -- You should be old enough to remember the play "Brigadoon", about a city in the desert that once a century or something just pops up, has an active life for a day and then is just gone. The Races are like that. It's a really remarkable phenomenon -- this sleepy desert airport that for one week each year absolutely vibrates with activity and emotion and tens of thousands of people. Then suddenly it's like God flipped a switch and it's all just over Stead just becomes another sleepy desert country airport.


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    Never ceases to amaze me the manner in which we all gather in the high desert of NV to bend some pylons for a week or so, then, as if by magic, we leave little to no trace.

    An event like no other. It only happens once a year...and it only happens here.
    Owen Ashurst
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