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    Don't know how many IF1 old timers are around here, but I wanted to let people know that a man named Ward Garland passed away peacefully this week at the age of 89 years (ironic that it would happen during Race Week but I suspect Ward would have been pleased, somehow, at the coincidence).

    Ward was a raceplane owner at one time, but much more importantly was the operations director of the IF1 class for many years. He was instrumental in developing and refining a lot of rules and procedures that still are in use today. Ward was a vey important man in the history of air racing. He was also a real charmer when off the field and was a great favorite of my wife. I tended to be a bit ignored when Ward was around.

    Blue skies and tailwinds, Ward -- you will be missed...


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    Very sorry to hear about Ward. He was great guy and made the whole F1 deal work back in the day.
    My condolences to Scotty.

    Dennis Vest

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    Thanks for all you did for the F1 Air Racing community over the years. Blue Skies Ward.
    Lockheed Bob

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