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Thread: Camping St Michaels, first timer questions :-)

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    After attending the races almost continuously since the late '70's, this year we are ditching the Nugget, Peppermill, etc and dry camping at the church. Even convinced the in-laws to join us with their 5th wheel. Since information about the actual experience is limited or hard to find, I was hoping the good folks here might be able to shed some light on a couple of things.

    We are completely prepared to dry camp but didn't know if we should be prepped (water/dumping wise) for the whole duration or is there a mobile service that comes around for a fee?

    And instead of towing 700lbs of water from home (Eureka CA) is there any place close to Stead to fill the potable tanks?

    And any other tips about what to bring/not bring or do/not do would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    You can fill your tanks at the church. They have the setup for that.

    Here's their web page for air race camping:

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    I've dried camped at St Michaels for the last several years. I'm lucky, I've never needed to dump or needed extra water. I do believe you can get water at the church. They use to have a dump station there too, but had to do away with it a few years ago. There is a Shell Station located a couple miles away at 8755 RED ROCK RD, 89508-8570, RENO. They have a dump station. $5.00. If you buy gas, it's free. Depending on where you're parked, there's typically enough room to get your RV out, especially midweek to make a trek over there to dump and add water. Best views of the course are to the east side of the dry camping area. We reserve our spots on Sunday for the next year. Although a couple of campers I believe are not going to make it this year.

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