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Sweet! I wonder who the big donor was? Its fantastic that there is someone who is willing to step up and donate that type of $ for a museum plane to go race. I wonder if PSAM will bring 3 planes if the donations get high enough? (What else do they own that could bring? I see they have a Spitfire Mk22, a Bearcat, P40, P47, a Tigercat and a few other interesting birds, but I have no idea if they own them or not.)

The donor is listed (you can find more if you wish) they seem to be pretty active with PSAM so it makes sense, they’ve also had plenty of rides in Bunny. PSAM technically doesn’t own anything besides the 51, 63, 28, and C-47. The rest are still owned by the Pond estate and I think the way it works is whenever they have backing to “purchase” and make another plane airworthy then they do so. The P-47 had an engine run a year or so ago and I thought it was next to be airworthy, haven’t seen anything since then. Their PBY is confirmed to be the next airworthy plane in the fleet. Hopefully one day all of them will fly. Bunny and Pretty Polly will be the extent of their racing this year, I imagine the $10k is a lower bound of what they hope to raise to make racing feasible and I imagine everything over that amount will just help secure their racing this year and hopefully in the future.