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Thread: Voodoo Speed Record

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    Cool Re: Voodoo Speed Record

    Quote Originally Posted by BellCobraIV View Post
    Well I talked to Stevo a couple of days before he was attempting to set the record last year. As you know Brad my whole family are big Stevo fans, Lyle had even signed a "Racing for the Gold" book to Stevo as his final autograph congratulating him on his Reno win. Jokingly I told him he had chosen the wrong year to set the record as all the successful attempts had occurred during a year ending in "9"...1969, 1979, 1989. He kinda laughed and said he realized that but you go when you are ready. Sometimes I feel that if they had waited until 2019 fate would have shown a faster speed. It certainly should have gone faster.
    ...or if he'd had ATC track his speed.

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    Red face Re: Voodoo Speed Record

    I suspect during Stevos testing and practice for the Record, you would have seen some very high speeds. But he was not on the clock. I hope there is another attempt to get that record out of touch.But I guess as before, it's all about money to make that thing go.. Wishing them much success in whatever the future holds.
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