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Lots of air racing news this week.

Karl Grove is flying his Legacy in preparation for PRS
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Tom is making the turbo brackets for his legacy

Race #85 "Deja Vu" is a new Snoshoo racer in the works and they just fabricated a tuned titanium 4:1 exhaust. Total weight came in at 6lbs
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The Phillipson operation is also busy laying up carbon wings for a Pitts Special and making molds, skins, and wingtips for their Cassut carbon kits.
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One Moment has finished the flap mod and new intake tubes. The flap mod doesn't necessarily improve our speed much as we were already manually removing the flap brackets. But this will give Andy working flaps during race week and on the labor side it will save a lot of people a long time.

(all these pictures stolen from their respective fb pages)

And in Red Bull, Team 99 are 3 for 3 on podium finishes.
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