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Thread: Air Racing talk at Smithsonian

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    Jon is giving a talk at the Air and Space Museum this month.

    Should help with the wait for the release of "For the Record"

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    Thanks to “Cuberswrist” for putting up the info of the talk, or as the Smithsonian called it a “Lecture”...... a few weeks ago. The “Lecture” was setup to co-ordinate with the “Pink Beast’s” arrival at the Udvar-Hazy NASM, next to Dulles airport. The crew on board the NemesisNXT was loooooooong time Team Crew Chief Steve Hill, with PIC F1 racer Justin Phillipson. Justin and Steve trek’d out of Steve’s hanger in Moriarty N.M. Steve’s hanger was the home base used for the “Thunder Over Moriarty” Speed record event in 2015.....WOW Seems like last week, but a little longer than that..... Anyway Justin and Steve did a WONDERFUL job flying “Pinkie” across the country. WOW! Justin is an amazing pilot, the team got the right guy in the left seat! He is very professional, and treated the NXT with the utmost respect. If any of you out there in Air Race land need an outstanding pilot to drive your racer of any Class, we highly recommend Justin. He showed an uncanny ability to feel the plane and what it wanted and what it didn’t. Steve was doing the navigating, and also got some significant low level high speed NXT stick time.... The video of them flying, showed nothing but smiles! As Steve and Justin were within 160 miles of Dulles, it came to pass that the FAA needed some “additional” paperwork to get the plane into Dulles. Something about a waiver, and special program letters, and “airboss” and and and.... So as of today the NemesisNXT is in Clarksburg Wv. The paper work has been setup, and Justin and Steve are ready to head back out East and make final 10% of the trek to Dulles, most likely the week of May 22. So.... The talk, Lecture was a BLAST!!! Patricia did a significant portion of the talk, “Giving her side” so to speak. She did REALLY GOOD, I am so proud of her! At the end of the talk which was at the downtown NASM, curator Jeremy Kinney, gave the crowd of several hundred insight into how airplanes, and are selected for the NASM. It was humbling to say the least. Once again Thanks to “Cuberswrist” for the post, and we encourage all to checkout the “Lecture” It was a BLAST!!!!

    Jon and Patricia Sharp

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    I watched the presentation and was very impressed. The NXT is such a cool airplane. Those performance numbers were things I dream about. You know, cruising around a 400 mph true, no big deal..

    Thanks for sharing Jon and Patricia. I promise I won't bother you too much for all the secrets.


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    Hey Dude Tom,
    Thank you for checking out the "Lecture"...... We had fun, and is was great to see Patricia's portion! So hear come the speed secrets.. Surround yourself with the best people you can find. Listen to them closely. Work harder than anyone of your competitors, and chase your dreams. You mentioned of dreaming of cruising at 400..... GREAT DREAM! Keep at it you'll get there. And as always we will help you in any way we can, we can steer you wrong with the best of em.... You are building a great airplane with a great Lycoming engine, and a great prop. All the pieces are there for you. But the biggest is the people that can help you. If you can get and keep GREAT people, you will be a huge success. So count on us to help you however we can.
    Jon and Patricia and Team Nemesis.

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    Forgot to mention, Steve and Justin are heading out east next week to get in the "Pink Beast" and fly it to the Museum!!! WOW!! Man they ARE the best guys for the task, and they're having fun to boot. Doesn't get any better than that! There have been a huge amount of people involved to get it all sorted, the paper work, a waiver, an "airboss".... Sounds like an Air Race at Dulles....Insert tongue in cheek here....
    Chase the Dream!

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