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    Default 2018 Sport Gold Synopsis

    Thought I would do this a little earlier this year to liven up the site... Will update this as I find out more and we get closer. Hope you enjoy!

    This time I'm going to only include the planes I 'think' have the capability of winning or finishing in top 3. It will be a little different than last years because some fast planes will undoubtedly be left out, they just don't have the chance to win. Some of these are copy/pasted from last years report with some word changes for simplicity.

    A full and unbiased report of all the Sport Gold hot-shots for Reno 2018!

    (By Race #)...

    #3 (N400MC) "Race 3": Starting off with a bit of a secret project which hasn't been publicized too much. The pilot: Sean Van Hatten. The plane: Super Glasair III. Sean picked up N400MC after she had an unfortunate off-field landing in 2014. The plane is listed as 'TT', meaning 'twin-turbo', and I imagine that will be the case when she's done being fixed up and ready. Sean is aiming for the top spot. He's repairing the plane to be a top Gold contender no questions asked. I think the question for now is, will Race #3 be ready in time? She still has some work to be done!

    #6 (N726DW) "Lucky Too": Always one of my personal favorites because Vicky is an incredible pilot and AeroChia Super Legacy's are my favorite in the sport class. Last year she did a hell of a job in Race #6. She smoked the pylons in qualifying at 377 securing 2nd place behind Race #39. After a first very successful Heat 1A, Vicky DNS for Heat 2A putting her in the back of the pack in Saturday's Heat 3A. She worked her way back up to secure 3rd behind Race #30, and then secured 2nd in the Gold race after Race #30 maydayed. 2nd place in Race #6's first time at the hands of Vicky??? It's a fast bird!

    #7 (N777XT) "Race 7": Does the N-number look familiar? I don't believe that this NXT has been to Reno since 2006, but as of now it's looking like she's coming back. She has a new owner, might be rocking a new paint scheme, and has confirmed that a "2018 race tour is happening". There has been no confirmation of what a "race tour" means, but can we assume Reno will be a part of it? The new owner wants to make Race #7 a well-known NXT and he might be on the right track to do just that.

    #8 (N5S) "Race 8": David Sterling's Super Legacy is just about as close as you can get to Dreadnought or Czech Mate in the Unlimited field. Race 8 shows up, puts down impressive speeds, but can't secure the first place trophy. Race 8 has had her share of podium finishes, and also her share of mayday's. David is always ready to take the Gold away from anyone who mayday's, and secured another 3rd place in 2017 with this same strategy. We shall see if Race 8 has any more race preparations done for 2018, but for now expect similar speeds out of this gorgeous Super Legacy.

    #30: (N115YP) "One Moment": This is where it starts to get interesting!!! One Moment has already had plenty of mods done to her up to this point since Reno 2017. The flap hinges have been cleaned up (more-so removed), the whole underside of the plane has been re-smoothed and re-painted, the new engine has arrived... etc.! I doubt this is the end of mods that will happen as well. I spoke with Andy after the race last year and he said the mayday was unnecessary and precautionary and he was ready to win that race. With an even more refined airframe will Andy be able to finally put One Moment in the top spot?

    #39 (N123AJ) "Race 39": No need for an introduction. Year after year, Jeff LaVelle's Super Glasair III is the plane to beat. Look for 400+ speeds as always, and a guaranteed podium finish if it holds up until Sunday.

    #42: (N42XT) "Relentless": Now Relentless needs no introduction, but 2018 Relentless DOES! Relentless has always lived up to her name after accident after accident, mayday after mayday, etc. Kevin is done with it. He knows what Race #42 is capable of and he is trying to show it this year. What i know of so far is the conversion to a single seat NXT which has already been done, and a proven engine setup has been chosen. There will be more done, but even that might be enough to put Relentless in the front.

    #47: (N477CM) "Mojo": Although I don't see Race #47 as a true competitor, she has always been close to the front and can't be counted out, especially if there are some off-season mods in the works. We shall see what Bob Mills has to offer with this pretty Super Glasair III in 2018.

    #181: (N181KG) "Race 181": This is the Super Legacy I am looking forward to the most! Reno 2018 was looking dim as Karl needed to attend PRS and PRS was unlikely. Well as we all know PRS is going to happen and Karl has his intentions to attend! This plane was built ground up to win at Reno. This is the first Super Legacy I know of that has been built from scratch to be a Reno racer and has also implemented a handful of new ideas (engine, prop, ADI system)... It will be fast if all the bugs are worked out. Race #181 SHOULD be faster than any other Super Legacy out there. I AM EXCITED!!!

    #352: (N352BT) "Blue Thunder II": The year after year fan favorite! So far Blue Thunder is looking to be the most refined sport racer next to One Moment going into this years races. They have been working on a new engine since September, they have been trying out different scoops, and they most recently built a carbon fiber water cooler door that looks very good. This could be Blue's year if everything holds together, fingers crossed!

    #?: (?) Race ?: I need Tom to chime in about his plane. Will she make it this year?! Similar to Race #181, Tom McNerney's Super Legacy was built to be a Reno Gold contender. I'll let him add!

    That leaves us with 5 Super Legacy's, 3 Super Glasair III's, 2 NXT's, and a Thunder Mustang fighting for their spots in the Gold race!!! This WILL be the year of competition. I promise it. I hope all make it to Stead and stay hungry until Sunday. As already said I will update this as more information comes available.
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    Default Re: 2018 Sport Gold Synopsis

    Awesome synopsis! Thank you for sharing all of the information!!!

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    Default Re: 2018 Sport Gold Synopsis

    Thanks a lot for this list of information

    Any news about #33 and #44?
    #44 is listed for sale on barnstormers but I donīt know how serious this is. Sometimes you see race planes for sale for a very long time.

    Regards Franz

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    Default Re: 2018 Sport Gold Synopsis

    Work on #30 continues daily. Pictures of the new induction system shared on the fb page. Last year's induction mod cut roughly half the length and bend angles between the turbos and the intake. This year we cut it(literally) in half again.

    As for #33, Stevo took it up last year and the engine blew while still in the pattern. #44 was found to have the same issue.

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