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Thread: A Delicate Matter - Can You Assist

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    Well said. Life goes on. I go out to Stead at least 2 or 3 times a month to see what's going on & sometimes I just sit & reflect what I have seen over the 30+ years I have been there. The good & the bad. The racers have learned how to win & how to cope with the bad. There were others besides the "Ghost" that are gone. Only once did we lose spectators & that is a pretty good record. I don't recall anyone in the stands ever losing their lives. Did RARA really need to put people almost out to the taxiway? Just my own opinion.
    Lockheed Bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo View Post
    I was there. I have a shirt stained with fluids an a couple of pieces of metal and asphalt that landed in my chair (not discovered until the opening of it there the next year), so I remember it. We all deal with this stuff in our lives very differently. I have been blessed with a very high tolerance for the tragedies in my life. None of my "race mates" have been back since and some won't even go to the airport again.
    That said, I prefer to look at the positives in the accident, such as they are. I saw it later as a chance for people to shine in the face of horror.
    The announcers call for able bodied help just seconds after the crash that happened right on top of them, asking everyone else to please leave.
    The fact that the crowd for the large part followed those directions.
    The instant response of everyone on the field that COULD be of assistance.
    The Huey crew firing up for evacuation of wounded. One of the most stirring sights I saw for days after was that Huey landing in a park next to the hospital over and over.
    The fans that were injured or had relatives killed that showed up the next year.

    If we could focus on more of this about this incident, and the other tragedies that happen on a day-to-day basis, our faith in humankind would be much stronger.
    Forget it? Sweep it under the rug as a bad memory? Go ahead if you must for your own needs. But, what would we learn from that?
    Well said, Leo...well said indeed. It's one of those few things in life that can simultaneously seem to have been so long ago and closes their eyes and it's like yesterday. I certainly wasn't as close to the incident as you and others (working at Home Pylon) but it was nonetheless gut-wrenching. Several of my judges were responsible for transporting several genset/light-stands from the race course to the scene to support the recovery effort. To this day, every one of them feels the same...they stepped up and answered the call to help in any way they could...but the aftermath will forever be engrained in their minds. Some things you just can't matter how hard you try.

    I trust the documentary will be well produced, respectful, and focus in very large measure on the strength and resilience of the human spirit in the face of human tragedy. Bottom line: I'm proud to be associated with RARA and believe with all I have that they set the bar very high in how an organization should respond to such a horrific event. And proud of the fans of the sport...those who were affected by the accident and those who, while not suffering a loss or injury, showed up year after year. That spirit will serve this event well into the future and keep the memory of those lost alive. To paraphrase the old adage, so long as we keep speaking their names...they live on.
    Owen Ashurst
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    Thereís two knobs on the TV.

    The only way I ever got over any of it was by talking about it. I wasnít in the chit but I know people who were. They desperately needed to talk about it in order to deal with it. I, for one, will not forget that day. Ever. Iím also not going to pretend it didnít happen. Thatís just where I fall in the ďhow I deal with itĒ debate. I understand the trepidation of the other side but, that canít determine my or anyone elseís need to deal with it in their own way.

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    I know this hurts as we used to have an annual air show in Finland where in the fifties a paratoopers chute didn't was mentioned every year for about 50 years.

    A broken propeller can be seen here;

    Yet I ask since I know person who knew the Leewards. Was Galloping Ghost actually the fastest Mustang ever produced ?

    The pitch up is tendency for pitch down is in Messerschmitt 109.

    It was an unfortunate accident. Peace to all involved..and strenght to carry on !
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