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Thread: Unlimited updates from NAG meeting

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    Default Unlimited updates from NAG meeting

    To those of you that don't have Facebook (I know there's plenty)...

    There is a good amount of museum interest for this year. Supposedly there was a 10k minimum payout last year which made the museums more interested in racing.

    Palm Springs: Wants to bring Bunny again and are planning on bringing the Kingcobra if everything works out. They had 2 pilots get race qualified last year so this makes sense.

    CAF SoCal: First and foremost was their interest in racing the Spitfire XIV. There was also some talk about bringing the Zero. Could be more in the works, but they will likely be bringing some planes.

    POF: Didn't really get brought up much, I think it's assumed at this point they will probably bring 2 Mustangs, (Wee Willy, Dolly, or Mrs. V). I hope they bring Mrs. V to race against Shanty Irish this year!

    TFL: From what I've read, their schedule won't allow for Reno. They do have plans to come back again, just probably not this year. Who knows maybe Bernie or Warren could just bring the F8F and turn the sticks alone

    Full Noise has made it very public that they plan on racing again. All of the rides they are giving in NZ are funding their road to Reno. They also made it public that they want to come back with a vengeance and some more speed.

    Sawbones has confirmed they will be back.

    Have not heard about Dusty, but he wanted to come last year. That would hopefully mean Lylia and Shanty.

    Speedball, Lady Jo (who has a new young pilot I think?...), Blondie? Haven't heard anything but it's likely.

    Martlet probably, they got a new pilot for her too! T-6 racer...

    And then on a broader scale, CFO Logoteta discussed that it is their plan, especially with Telling as CEO, to fix some of the burnt bridges with some of the ex-racers, such as Miss America which was discussed. They have reached out to Doc (supposedly) and are working on that as we speak.

    Finally, they made it known that they are working on making a bigger pot for the top guys and are trying to bring back and keep Strega, Voodoo, and Bear. As these are the main 3 right now, I see this being a great idea. Seeing a larger pot and the competition being back should hopefully entice Precious Metal, Furias, Czech Mate, and others to continue with the rebuilds (not CM) and get back around the pylons. Others such as Tsunami, the race Yak, RB2?, Wildfire, (Dago), and maybe even people to buy Riff Raff and 232 will hopefully see an effort to rebuild the Unlimited's and want to be a part of it.

    All a work in progress, but that's what I've gathered for now.
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    Default Re: Unlimited updates from NAG meeting

    Sounds like positive stuff. Here's hoping it all comes true. As a non FB type, thanks for sharing the info here.

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    Default Re: Unlimited updates from NAG meeting

    If (big if) Dusty comes he will likely be in the Yak. I don't think he has the $ to bring both Shanty Irish and Lylia. For that matter, I'm not even sure if he has checked out in SI yet. (I haven't talked with him lately.) If he does make it out with Lylia, he could be a dark horse for a podium finish depending on what else shows up. (If Miss America shows up in Super Stock form with a race engine, all bets are off there. If its only the Sanders birds and Sawbones, he won't catch Dreadnought, or Sawbones, but might be able to hold off Argo and 924... maybe.)

    I think we will get some great racing and a chance to see some birds that are rarely seen rounding the pylons, (Zero, Spitfire, King Cobra).


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