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    Just watched a video of the first successful taxi tests of what some are calling the largest airplane in the world. I'm no engineer, but that thing looks scary. It's designed along the same lines as the airplane that will carry the sub orbital rocket that Scaled Composite's has designed. What I don't understand is the only attachment point between essentially two different airplanes is the wing. There's no attachment at the horizontal. How can the wing handle the twisting, differences in yawing and even differences in thrust load between the left side engines and right side engines. Amazing that "center section" of wing will be able to withstand these loads for an extended period of time.
    What do you think?
    Any engineers on here that can maybe explain this to me?


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    I thought the same think when I saw the photos couple weeks ago.

    You'd think that they would have tied the upper rear stabilizers together?

    Will be interesting to see the test results once they start flight tests.

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    Didn't the HE-111Z have a similar arrangement?
    You can engineer just about anything to work structurally as long as you are willing and able to make the sacrifices in weight, aero drag, etc.

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    Definitely reminds me of the 111-Z. Also close to the design lines of the Me-323 Gigant, if you put two of them together. Either way, may work or become an interesting stop at a museum in a few years. Probably will see lots of high altitude usage and maybe set some interesting records.

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    I could use it as tow plane for my space aeroplane.

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