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Thread: Flying Car racing Seeries....??

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    Default Flying Car racing Seeries....??

    Fox News

    .......Entrepreneur Matt Pearson wants flying cars to race.

    Pearson has quietly been working on manned racing drones for the past two years and he announced his ambitions to bring motorsport to the sky. The Airspeeder World Championship could begin at a small scale sometime next year, according to Pearson, with the racing taking place in the desert. It would expand to a global racing series early next decade. As for the flying cars themselves, they don't actually have wheels. Rather, the drones feature four 50-kilowatt (67 horsepower) electric motors to power the vehicle's rotors.

    The idea stems from the project Pearson is working on through his company, Alauda Racing, which will build and race its own flying car. Pearson is currently working with regulatory officials to certify his prototype. Alauda Racing has spent the past two years working on its first drone and recently built a large-scale concept to accommodate a pilot. Pearson plans to remotely test the drone in 2018 before manned tests occur in 2019.

    Pearson wants air racing to channel vintage motorsports. He says the design of his prototype recalls the grand prix racers of the 1950s and 1960s........
    remember the Oogahonk!

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    Default Re: Flying Car racing Seeries....??


    Eddie's Airplane Patch-Birthplace of the "Sonic Boom".......and I'm reminded every friggin' day!

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    Default Re: Flying Car racing Seeries....??

    IMHO "flying cars" are currently not feasible due to lack of energy density or battery capacity with currently available lithium power batteries. 5 years ago everyone in the flying car business was anticipating a next generation of higher capacity lithium batteries that simply has not happened. Marginal increases in capacity for lithium have been developed but the big weight/energy density breakthrough has not happened. When a Tesla car can go from Mountain View to Los Angeles non stop without recharging a flying car may be possible. A Tesla battery weighs almost 1000 pounds. All of the current flying cars look good on the computer but if you add a pilot and all of the safety measures necessary to keep the pilot from going splat in an emergency the things just will not fly because they are too heavy. On the other hand if you can afford a Harrier-they fly just great!

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    Default Re: Flying Car racing Seeries....??

    Personally, If the "Everyman's Commuter Airplane" gets flown the way people currently drive, I'll just stay at home and hope they don't fall on me. Between cellphones, eating, smoking, talking, etc. the current crop of operators cannot stay within a 12' travel lane, let alone a piece of sky with another dimension to screw up in. Car companies have resorted to self stopping cars and other bells and whistles to make it all safer. I think it will cause atrophy of basic skills, which seem to be lacking in the first place.
    I know I sound like the old man in the neighborhood ("You kids get off my lawn!") but I have had waaaaaay too many avoidance incidents lately!
    Sorry, slightly off topic rant over.

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    Default Re: Flying Car racing Seeries....??

    When his flying car, with no ability to be used as a car, finally maybe flies some time in the future, they'll have races...

    No doubt they will team up with the rocket racing league to produce even bigger spectacles...

    I'd end the snarcasm here, but the possibilities are as endless as the future of flying cars...


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