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    Saw some pics that people posted on FB about the fate of Mr. Awesome. Apparently it is at an aviation museum in Amarillo, TX. It is out side, with all the cowling off. People who have seen it recently report that spark plugs are missing and water is in more than one cylinder, and engine is possibly hydrolocked. According to one poster, the person who donated the plane stipulated that it never be sold nor flown again. Again, take all that for what it is worth, but looking at the pics, it does appear in pretty rough shape.

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    You can see it on google earth, outside the Texas Air & Space Museum. And you can see the cowling is off.
    There is also a C-123 and a Huey Cobra nearby.
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    That engine is just an old scrap core that was bolted on when it was donated. The museum plans to make new cowlings for it (the originals were badly damaged at some point) and paint it as funds allow.

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    Very glad to hear that. Like I said in my original posting, take everything with a large grain of salt. Still wish it would have continued racing.

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    This plane gets the Most Beastly Award of all for the Unlimited Class. Can't tell you how much I have so wanted to see this plane race again; an instant contender for anyone that could have tamed her.

    Does anyone have any good photos? It would take me years to try to dig mine up, not that they were ever that good.
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    Still wish it would have continued racing.
    This is a classic example of, "you should be careful what you wish for".

    I was there to see Mr. A. race. Those were the real "good 'ol days" in my opinion. That era hosted a bunch of custom super unlimited birds.

    Mr. A. was a beast. Think Skip was the pilot. This thing was a frankenstein monster with stability issues. There is a good reason the prior owner stipulated the bird never fly again. Gotta respect that.
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