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Thread: Hughes H-1 Racer - original and replica

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    Default Hughes H-1 Racer - original and replica

    Hi all,
    For the longest time I've wanted to have a model of the H-1, for reasons I'm sure everyone is aware of and agree with! As a teenager I kitbashed one into shape from an Airfix Fiat G.50 fighter, after seeing The Aviator:
    Hughes H-1 (Fiat G.50) by Zac Yates, on Flickr
    (at least it's not as bad as the one in The Amazing Howard Hughes!)

    But now, as an adult with a bit more in the bank (not much, but that's not a topic for this board!) I've finally found and secured a copy of the very nice Czech Master Resin 1/72 scale kits. This is a model which actually includes all the parts to build both versions of the Racer, the short-wing as flown in the September 1935 record attempt and the long-wing transcontinental version.

    I'm planning something different for this build. The short-wing will be as it was on the morning of Howard's speed run, chocked on the dirt.

    The long-wing will be posed on a stand, low level, to recreate Jim Wright's own speed attempt at Reno 67 years later.

    Thanks to Flickr, Google searching, and Wayne's own archive, I've got a wealth of photos to help with the details. I've also emailed the Smithsonian with a couple of questions. But I was hoping to get some help from any members who were at Reno-Stead on 9/13/02, particularly those with cameras. As this will be something of a tribute to both men I'd like to get it right.

    I would dearly love to see any high-res (if possible) images of Jim and #2 in the air that day at Reno. Watching the only video on YouTube - it's a crime there's only one - it looks like Jim flew without the canopy. Is that correct? Did he wear a helmet of any kind?

    I'd be grateful for any images, video, details or feedback of any kind.
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    Default Re: Hughes H-1 Racer - original and replica

    I would love to see some also.
    I did not have pit access in the morning that year and we were kept outside as he ran it all before the gates opened! All we could see were the climbouts and turnarounds in the distance.
    Always thought that was a missed opportunity to get people there, "Come see the record attempt!"
    I am sure they had their reasons but at the time I as a bit miffed.

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