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Thread: Podcast on Full Noise

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    Default Podcast on Full Noise

    hey all, a podcast posted from the WONZ podcast interviewing Graham Frew and the Full Noise mission from NZ to Reno
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    Default Re: Podcast on Full Noise

    That was excellent, thanks for sharing!

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    Super excited to see how Full Noise does next month! A Kiwi Unlimited team is something I've dreamt of ever since I learned about Reno as a kid. I don't follow any other sport so it's great to have a team to properly root for. It was very cool to hear from Graeme on the WONZ Show.

    She is in the USA and the container has been opened:
    fnfb 20082017 by Zac Yates, on Flickr

    Here's their page:

    Magazine article:
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