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Thread: Corsair-back to original from racer

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    Default Corsair-back to original from racer

    Biplane Race #3

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    I don't believe it ever actually raced. Showed up at Reno once and blew the motor on arrival.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Race5 View Post
    I don't believe it ever actually raced. Showed up at Reno once and blew the motor on arrival.
    Seriously!? It was that fastest non 4360 powered Corsair to ever race....

    Here's an excerpt from a small portion of Corsair racing history I have written.

    Type: FG-1D
    Name: “Big Hummer”
    Registration: N194G
    BuNo: 92050
    Race: #94
    Pilot: Robert Mitchem

    "What would become the worlds fastest R-2800 powered Corsair, never was much to look at!
    Robert Mitchem, of Broomfield, Colorado (not California as printed elsewhere) purchased the
    aircraft sometime in '63. He began to modify the aircraft extensively for pylon racing sometime
    thereafter. He first attempted to race in 1967, but upon approach into Stead the engine began
    tearing itself apart inside. With two broken rods, Bob made an exotic emergency landing at
    Reno. He wouldn't return the aircraft to Reno again until 1970, when the aircraft would sport
    some interesting modifications. The biggest noticeable change was the 'scoop' on the top of the
    cowling, which provoked un-educated spectators to begin questioning Bob if he had put a '3350'
    engine into the aircraft. Bob, being sarcastic by nature, would say..."Sure...but keep it a secret!"
    He loved to play on this, and would tell fans that the beast under the cowling was indeed a
    Wright R-3350. (Which until this day, has never been installed in any Corsair, anywhere). It is
    unsure how the myth stuck so well, but even now it is published as fact that N194G sported a R-
    3350! In fact the reason for the scoop was because Mitchem had in reality installed a P&W CB-
    17 from a DC-6B (Rated at 2,500hp!). This engine utilized the downdraft carburetor, thus the
    need for the different intake setup. In '70 Mitchem would qualify at 362.989mph, respectable
    and good enough for 7th place. He would get 4th in his first heat race, and later 3rd in the Silver
    Consolation behind a Hawker Sea Fury and a Bearcat!
    Bob would return in '71, however during a late qualifying run he cut a pylon, and did not have
    enough time to re-qualify. Reno 1972 would be the highlight year for Mitchem and "Big
    Hummer" as he would qualify 7th place at 367.500mph, and finish 5th in the Championship at
    over 341mph.
    Modifications to race #94 included the CB-17 engine fitted with an oil cooler from a R-4360
    and spray bar supplied by a 100 gallon tank. The 2,500hp engine turned a Skyraider propeller
    with a spinner from a P-51H. The wings were significantly clipped, and wing area surfaces
    metalized. The wing retraction system was removed, and the flaps sealed. The end result still
    wasn't pretty, but you gotta hand it to Bob for starting a legend!
    James Axtell would purchase the aircraft in the late 70's. Axtell would perform several other
    changes and modifications to the aircraft, which would never see the race scene. The aircraft
    went on loan to the 'Wings of the Rockies' air museum, where it was stored for many years. In
    January of 2013 the Warbird Heritage Foundation announced that they had acquired the
    aircraft and had it moved. The airplane was disassembled in Denver and transported to Tab-Air
    of East Troy, Wisconsin, where it will undergo a full restoration to air-worthy. It is expected that
    we'll once again see this FG-1D, but in historic military glory!"

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    Default Re: Corsair-back to original from racer

    Death of another historical race plane for another blue Corsair, oh yay.
    remember the Oogahonk!

    old school enthusiast of Civiltary Warbirds

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    Default Re: Corsair-back to original from racer

    I wish Weeks would restore his FG-1D as "Joe" again.

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