Hey Guys,

We had a great weekend here in Mojave.

First we did some testing. We used a airspeed calibration technique (summarized in the video), and the data looks good. We are excited about the results.

Secondly we are doing a giveaway to celebrate reaching ten thousand FB followers. We are giving away eleven Aircraft Record CDs to the first 11 SASEs we receive. Aircraft Records was really important to me growing up in Michigan. All I had to imagine what Reno might be like was my Dad's pictures of his trips to the event. Then one day I found his copy of Reno on Record, I promptly broke the needle on his turntable trying to listen to it. When I figured out how to run the stereo John Altman's recordings put me at the event, and perhaps where I am today. Thank you John.
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Packages 12 and on will get patches/stickers/buttons. Package must be big enough and safe enough for the CD to get a CD. Address below.

Airplanes are cool,


Wasabi Air Racing
(Aircraft Records Giveaway)
17171 Roper St
Mojave CA