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Thread: Idea For New Warbird Classes

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    Quote Originally Posted by AAFO_WSagar View Post
    Oh Jim, I'm gonna don my flame retardant suit here for not what will come from you but others. Speed is relative!

    I put forth the suggestion of some sort of restriction on HP... I dubbed it "restrictor plate" but only meant it to emphasize that you don't need to go faster to provide really entertaining racing, the thing that really grabs MOST people is the competition. Faster doesn't always mean more competition.

    Jim, you know I treasure and value your opinions and I think we're actually on the same track.. I'm only "on" the super t6 thing as an idea tossed out how to get fan interest. The T6's are probably quite boring to the younger crowd... what if they were "Hollywooded" up a bit? Better prop, slicker bolt on canopy, different wingtips... now that is relatively cheap, you gotta admit... so if cost were the main hurdle to this discussion, limits to reason could still win????


    Where's Victor Archer, we need a graphic example of what could be done for.... "cheap" to make the T6 airplane attractive to the young folks who only like jets.. ?
    Wayne, did you see the modified T6 I linked to on page two of this thread? Here's a real T6 with a 51 style canopy, clipped winges and a 3-blade prop. And, it's for sale for $235k. Not much more than a nice stock T6 and on par with fairly nice Lancair.
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    I love the T6 idea! There's plenty of T6's flying around with three blade props already! If there's people out there willing to pony up the dough to race their P-51, Bearcat, Seafury, etc. then there's people out there who would modify a T6 for this class. Most of the field is modified already. More mods won't be that big of a deal to them.

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