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Thread: Freedom Class Human Size Drone Racing

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    Default Freedom Class Human Size Drone Racing

    "Drone racing needed to be stepped up. The aircraft were too small, the video quality wasn't ideal.

    We answered the call.
    Human sized aircraft. Immersive FullHD 1080p 60fps live feed.
    Racing in a way this world has never seen before.

    Travelling the world throughout 2016, this is a spectacle for the masses.
    From beautiful natural locations, to inside massive venues, Freedom Class will give you memories that will last a lifetime."

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    The archaic anthropoid says ...... Oh, have fun with that! I'll be napping in the RV on the VOS fenceline!
    Eddie's Airplane Patch-Birthplace of the "Sonic Boom".......and I'm reminded every friggin' day!

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