We were asked in another thread "what's happening with the other teams?" It may seem to many reading this site that our interests are a bit "focused" on the Rare Bear effort this year and that observation would be spot on.


There has not been a drama more strung out in this sport in many years and it deserves close watching! Not only to keep everyone abreast of what is going on, we want to keep interest and attention pointed squarely at the team and their need for help to make this one happen....

That said.. We've gotten an update that many of you who are on the fan sponsor program mailing list have also received.. Knowing that we're not all able to kick in or have not gotten to it yet, we're going to post this update (with Lyle's permission) here on this forum.

***** Message From Rare Bear Fan Sponsor Director Sharon Coates *****

Good news from the "Bear Camp"!

The 14 cylinders that we delivered to Aircraft Cylinder recently, don't need to be rebarreled! They are in mint condition. This has saved us $14,000.00. Due to this turn of events, we now have enough money to purchase the 4 new cylinders needed and some new valves. We will still need a couple of spare cylinders before long, but we now have all the needed parts to assemble the engine for the Bear. We have now completed phase one of the project, financially wise.

The next phase includes, added expense of engine assembly (nuts and bolts, etc), expense of moving engine to Reno, first insurance premium, spare cylinders, and repair to the oil cooler and pumps. We only have about 1 month to raise this amount.

We still have a long ways to go, but we are getting there and will take this one step at a time.

  • If you know of someone who would be interested in helping Lyle and the Bear, please tell them about our program and how to get in touch with us.
  • Check out rarebear.com for Lyle's new update, plus a report by me on the progress of the fansponsor program.
  • The first shipment of jackets is out to rave reviews. Some sponsors have now ordered a nylon jacket to compliment the leather one they just received.
  • The merchandise for the web-store should start arriving this next week and we will be adding that source of income.
Things are starting to come together and the chances of the Bear making Reno are looking better all the time.

More later. GO BEAR!

Sharon Coates
Fan Sponsor Director
Rare Bear Air Race Team

*****End Message From Rare Bear Fan Sponsor Director Sharon Coates *****