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Thread: 9-19 Early AM Unlimited Report

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    Default 9-19 Early AM Unlimited Report

    Well once again the pits were busy for the top three Unlimited crews last night.

    Strega was working on replacing the exhaust manifold shroud that blew off in yesterday's race and had it installed before 10:00 PM.

    Vodooo was making minor adjustments on the motor and replaced the spark plugs. They even did a motor run up outside the pits and we're happy with the results.

    Rare Bear got some new spark plugs and a few of her fluids changed and she was ready for Sunday.

    We are sure to see one heck of race today as all three top Unlimited's are ready to run hard, we might even see someone break the 507.105 mile per hour record over the 8 lap 64.1845 mile course. The weather is predicted to be warm with little or no wind.

    The pits were once again in lively form during the evening time as music was blasting from team Precious Metal. Even without an air plane the crew was having a great time enjoying a cold drink and putting on the must be party for Saturday night.

    The Pylon crew even found some time to have dinner and drinks in a hangar just outside the media center. There was plenty of barbecued meat and fixings to make sure no one went home hungry.

    The Formula One group had their annual awards dinner in the VIP tent and everyone was having fun. They passed out awards for rookie of the year.

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    Default Re: 9-19 Early AM Unlimited Report

    So glad to hear that all members of the pack are strong and ready for Sunday!

    Each year is different and memorable for various reasons.

    This may be the most competitive Unlimited Gold race in a while.

    Git 'er done Hoot! Go Strega!!!


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