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Hey Guys,

We have been oh so fortunate recently to be asked to help out on a freaking awesome one off homebuilt, the GT-400 "Snort" designed built tested and operated by the legend Ralph Wise.

This is the first time the airplane has flown with anyone other than Ralph in the cockpit. For Jenn and I and our little one-off "the Siren" I have been disoriented by how hard it is to technically evaluate the airplane without bias or at the very least context. For instance even in the most casual conversation I find it hard to say "our airplane has (in race configuration) at best level B static longitudinal stability", without spending ten minutes explaining why the compromise was made. The process of designing and building the airplane just creates too much emotional baggage around the machine to make cold evaluation easy, especially in public. This experience has provided great context for studying Ralph's airplane, and given me yet another great example of how all airplanes are compromises and therefore are not all things to al people, and that itself is what makes the airplane awesome.

There are 5 flight reports currently posted on the Wasabi website. The focus for the first 4 flights was getting me checked out and comfortable in the airplane. We have just started getting to the performance testing of the vehicle. Last weekend we measured the flat plate drag area of the airplane using a process that we have used on Wasabi going back to 2012, but is one of the "proprietary" parts of our program. It has been fun to share the method and get feedback on it's strengths and weaknesses.

Note: The drag estimation work that was done on the GT was very conservative. The airplane was dusty the cowl flaps and oil cooling door were both open. This data was intended to provide a baseline for comparison to other stock airframes, Legacy, Glassair, and the like, not to compare to the legends running in the top of the gold heat. Please provide feedback, we are in this game to learn.

Airplanes are cool,
Elliot and Jenn

Sundays with Ralph

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