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Thread: Tony LeVier's Brush with a Corsair

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    Default Tony LeVier's Brush with a Corsair

    Quite the story if you have 10 minutes! Interesting note, he designed the LeVier Cosmic Wind. Any ever raced at Reno?

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    Default Re: Tony LeVier's Brush with a Corsair

    Several have. According to Tegler's "Gentlemen you Have a Race":

    Miss Cosmic Wind #6 by Bob Downey
    Miss Cosmic Wind (As "Little Miss Reno") by Bill Stead
    Little Toni - (As #7 "French Quarter Special") by Rick Townsend

    Little Toni - 1968 (#7), by Roy Berry

    And of course, there's a thread on them on this site.. =)
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