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    Quote Originally Posted by Air Judge View Post
    No personal offense taken, Matt. Not at all. Your $.02 and my $.02 don't have to add up. And like most everyone else on here, I wish there was some wiggle room re: the altitude restrictions and showlines. Despite its continuing efforts to persuade the FAA to loosen up a bit, RARA and the UNL folks have been unable to do so. To blame RARA for the DQ's is a bit like blaming forest for the fires. And the UNL has little leverage other than to boycott. RARA is in a very tough spot in this regard and I hold to my original position. All things considered, they've kept this leaking boat afloat for three years under very difficult seas.
    Fair enough, thanks.
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    I also mean no personal offence to anyone, and I do appreciate everyone's input. I certainly am not suggesting that two sets of rules be put in place, as that wouldn't be fair. Tiger's DQ, I really don't know. He seemed safe to me, and I thought that's what the new rule changes were supposed to be for. It doesn't matter now, he's done with racing. That reduces our 11 plane UNL field down to 10. Thom's DQ, we disagree on. I still don't see the violation, and there is no appeal process. We'll see if Thom returns. There really wasn't even a Bronze class this year. Everyone knows that the Unlimiteds bring in the crowds, and that group is dwindling. I don't think RARA can survive once it's gone. That's how easily this event can go away.

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