I'll preface my remarks by admitting I do not have the same exposure to the event that most everyone else has here. I only make it to the pits after the racing is done, don't deal with Security, Admissions, etc. So, my vantage point is skewed when compared to many others on here. That said, here goes:

First, the DQ's. Look, rules (FAA rules mind you) are rules. Everybody is fully aware of them, and the consequences of violating them. No surprises and no one is making this stuff up as they go. Tiger was too high around 7 & 8. Period. PM's east showline cut may or may not have been close but video "evidence" is not always reliable. Sort of like eye-witness accounts. Camera angles, parallax, etc. can skew the image. One needs only to look at the finish of the UNL Gold race on Sat as seen from several different photog at, or near, the Start/Finish line. Taken side by side, you could fairly easily make the case that either aircraft crossed the finish-line first. Contest Committee is a professional group. Furthermore, it's most often the case that if there's a doubt about a showline cut, they'll give the benefit to the pilot. From where I sit, I'm confident that PM's cut was serious enough that it had to be called.

Guess I'm unclear what's being proposed here. Should PM get mulligan because Breitling writes them a check? Should Strega be allowed to violate a clearly understood rule (instituted as a result of 2011) just because it's being flown by a legend? What about the Buick, or Korean War Hero, or...where does that end? Two sets of rules....one for those you have it, and one for the rest?

Is there some issue with RARA spending this week and/or the next assessing the gate, concessions, etc? Would you rather they wait until say November/December to do so...thus reducing the time they have to plan for 2015 expenses?

Were they hiccups this year? Sure. Always has been...probably always will be. This is a very complicated, intense, highly-visible undertaking that is still to some degree recovering from a catastrophic event. While it's certainly understandable that we all want to make it better, each in our own way, it's also true that without the support of its volunteers and fans, we may one day be longing for the days when showline cuts and violations were the topic of post-race discussions and blogs....as opposed to bemoaning the fact that the World's Fastest Motrosport's magneto's just went dark.

Said it before...I'll say it again. I know constructive critique is welcomed, even if no one responds. What have we done to build it up instead of tearing it down? Given the turnover of last year and the many unseen events and circumstances that seem to conspire against them, I, for one, think the BoD at RARA and the entire team should be commended. It wasn't perfect and they'd be the first to admit it. Let's keep in mind what the alternative is and how easily it could all go away.