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Thread: Young guns vs. The old guard

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    Default Young guns vs. The old guard

    Here's something positive to spread around about the air races, race on!

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    Thats a very good energizing short promo video. With 25 days to go its good to see a well designed video ad.

    Wonder what type of market coverage they are planning with that?

    Thanks for sharing that young man.

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    Default Re: Young guns vs. The old guard

    That should be a commercial on Sportscenter or something I don't know!!
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    I have spoken to a marketing firm that is dealing with media and asked them for a list of all the ads placed (assuming they were covering the whole event). They refereed me to another firm, whom I've asked the same question. I'm enough of a geek that I would go buy most of the magazines and the like that have an ad for this year...if I knew where they were. Thus far I haven't received an answer. If I get the info, I'll post it here for everyone else to be able to track down ads for their own collections of memorabilia. ...

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