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Thread: Grocery Outlet to sponsor to race team for 2013

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    Default Grocery Outlet to sponsor two race teams for 2014

    New to the Stead area last year Grocery Outlet in the former Scolari's location got bitten by the Air Race bug in large part by Kelly and Phil Goforth. I was unaware of this when my girlfriend Ali and I approached the family that owns the Corporation; Ali has been friends of them for many years. They were very impressed with the spirit of Phil and Kelly and felt it was a good move to accept our offer to support the Precious Metal crew as well.

    So to all the fans out there of the air races, Knottygirl IF1 #69, and Precious Metal race 38 please shop Grocery Outlet on Lemmon Valley Drive when stocking up on Food, snacks, and beverages. It will only drive continued support from them.
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    Default Re: Grocery Outlet to sponsor to race team for 2013

    I'll be there all week long, and that's the only place I'll shop for groceries.

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