I would have to agree that an all electric racing class would not only be good for Reno but the electric industry as well.

This year, the first fully electric car racing series will debut in cities around the globe. It will be called the the Formula E Series. I have heard that ten teams will be competing. There is a french company building the cars. They are using two McLaren motor generators units (the same ones used in the McLaren P-1 Hybrid.

The car will have a 200 kilowatt battery system and they claim it will be able to race for an hour. But that also takes in the consideration the cars braking system can capture energy otherwise lost during the braking process. You won't be able to gain any energy by braking in an aircraft but I think the technology is there now and you should be able to keep the airplane aloft for at least 30 minutes obtaining speeds of 100 to 150 mph and with a boost control you should easily be able to double that speed but not for long inter vaults.