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    Default Another shot

    I've been meaning to post some more pics but between my real job and my family (I'm not sure which is more demanding), I have not had any time to go through the photos. In fact I still have not looked at all that I have taken from Reno. But here is one until I can get more done.

    Bill Pearce
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    See Three Sea Furies
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    Here is the start of Sat Gold. In the original Dago is on the far left of the frame. It would not have looked good at 600x so I crop around the "pack". Sorry Dago.
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    But on Sunday, I got him. Hello Dago. Image quality is not the best but hey.... You get what you pay for.

    Bill Pearce
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    I've been really impressed with the photos you've been posting. I was on the fence before but they have help to convince me that digital is the way to go for the in the air shots. Just curious, but have you printed any of them and if so how do they look?


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    The Bear's tail rides low. Wonder if the wing incidence should be reset. Look at what it does to the thrust line compared to the other planes. Maybe the leading edge cuff will solve this as well. Can't argue with success. Peas
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    Default Printing

    Hey Rick,

    First, you must consider the source; I am not a professional. I went digital about 5 months ago so I don't have a wealth of experience. This is how I believe things to be.

    The computer screen resolution is 72 dpi (dots per inch). Most printers have a max output of 300 dpi. For the highest, crystal clear quality you would want to print out as close to 300 dpi that you can get. The bottom limit is around 150 dpi. If you have a really sharp image, you can go below that but understand the correlation between dpi and image quality. The lower the dpi, the lower the quality, the further back form the photo you need to be for it to look good.

    The images above are a good set to speak of. The Bear photo is sharp and is a crop. I can print that one out much easier than the Sunday Gold Start. As you can see in the Sunday Gold Start, it is close to its limit of being an acceptable shot (but hey, I was over a mile away, handholding a 500mm lens, standing on the back of a tug). So in the Sunday pic, I can get away with printing it at half the posted size; not real big but okay for some things. The Bear photo has much more left in it so I can print that much larger than the Sunday start.

    The neat thing is there are programs/Photoshop plug-ins (Genuine Fractals (sp?) is one) that will take an image like the Sunday Gold and add in more data so you can print it much larger with little quality loss from the original. I've used it a little bit and it works well.

    I don't print too many of my pics; virtually none. Most are just sent to friends and family via email.

    Bottom line is that there are many things that you can do. Virtually limitless if you have the cash flow (I don't). Thinking back, I think most of the ones I posted would come out quite nice at 8x10. That is as large as my printer prints. Some would come out fine even larger. Wayne would know much more that I do.

    Hope this helps

    Bill Pearce

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    Default Re: Printing

    Originally posted by W J Pearce
    Wayne would know much more that I do
    Heh Heh... LOL... a long time ago, in a place far far away... (Sparks, Nevada, actually) I was a budding "rock star" using another fellow's bass to learn on... I'd had it in my possession for several months and he showed up to retrieve it. He'd heard me when I first started and not since.. I was playing when he walked in.. He walked up, smiled, bent forward and whispered these words, which I'll never forget, into my ear....

    "Get any better and I'm going to have to break your arm"...

    True story and... let it ring well in your ears grasshopper!

    Bill.. you're really good.. I mean, REALLY good... you've got the steady hand and your nailing the focus. I could just whimper and say, yea.. it's all them Megapixzels and all.... but I'll just leave you with my fellow bassist's words...

    Watch it bud...


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    If you break my arm, make sure it is the right one. If you break the left, it will be in a splent and I will use it to steady the camera, becoming a human tripod.

    Seriously... thank you. I consider that quite a compliment; especially coming from you; one who knows the digi-tricks.

    But be careful not to inflate my ego too much or I'll be forced to post photos that "real" photographers wouldn't let see the light of day. No I'm not talking about those when I was young and needed the money; I'm talking about the screw-ups, poor timing, wrong settings, and plan "what the hell was I doin' here?" shots.

    Once again,


    Bill Pearce

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    Bill... I'm sure you have some bad ones, everyone does but your good one's are too good to be luck.. ether that, or that's one hell of a camera and why in hell am I spending two and three times as much for what I'm shooting with!

    Seriously.. Obviously, you're shooting really steady, I can see the shutter speed by looking.. I'm going to venture a guess, somewhere around 1/320 to 1/400?

    Even if you were shooting at 1/500 (which I don't think you can get that much prop blur with) you're still shooting rock steady.. Are you using the auto focus or manual?

    You're nailing it. Period..

    PS.. yes, I'm still jealous, and yes, I'm still gonna break your damn arm!

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