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    A couple of weeks ago, there was an obituary for Thornton Audrain, NCAR director from 1987-96. Today's RGJ had the obit for Floyd Edsall, race director from '80-85. For many race fans, those two are associated with a big piece of Reno air race history.

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    RIP Floyd. 80-85 were some of the best, most competitive years for the sport and we saw a lot of new aircraft: Dago Red, Strega,Dreadnaught,Super Corsair, Stilleto,etc.

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    Thanks for posting. I read Thornton's obits couple weeks ago.

    Both these gentlemen were true American heros.

    They both lived full lives.

    On a sad note, you can tell theres nothing much left of RARA. Not a single mention of either of these two fine gentlemen's passing. Especially since they contributed so much to our Reno Air Races.

    From Hanger Talk and Section 3 we give you both a big salute.

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