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Thread: Sequestration?

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    Heard on the local news last night that the Blue Angels are set to appear for San Francisco's Fleet Week. Any word on if the Angels/Thunderbirds might appear at Reno. Military demos?

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    The team schedules were released at ICAS in December.

    No military teams scheduled for Reno, but I think the Patriots are scheduled again.

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    Both the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels have released their 2014 schedules and they do NOT include Reno.

    As I recall, the Patriots will again perform at Reno next fall.

    I'm hoping for some military demos, but I don't have any information about that.

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    There are no Navy F/A-18 demo teams this year, and the AF are only fielding the F-22 (as well as the T-birds). The F-22 schedule is yet to be announced.

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    The Blue Angels & Army Golden Knights are to be at Thunder Over Utah in St. Geotge,UT on July 26-27. I don't see why they didn't include Reno, Political?
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    Speaking only for myself and only as a fan, I'd venture guess it the classic answer: "D. All the Above." Logisitics, scheduling, and cost (not just of the team but all that goes to support them as they require), with a little bit of poliitcs perhaps thrown in for good measure.

    Is it possible the two teams have made a decision (conscious or otherwise) to let RARA chart its course through some very difficult years and see what comes out the other side? Seems reasonable.

    I'd have to double check but I believe it will be at least 2016 before we have a chance to see either the Angels (2015 is already in the books) or the Birds at Reno.
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