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I was wondering if from an engineering / aero standpoint does anyone here have an explanation as to why Beguine was so unstable and had such a tough time recovering from a roll?...Was it just the obvious extra weight at the wing tips?
Since no one else chimed in, and going off memory of what I have read... While certainly the weight at the tips would change the roll characteristics, I don't think it was the entirely, or even mostly, the plane's fault. I believe Bill Odom did not have much experience in high performance fighter aircraft. I think he told Hoover he had 13 hours. I'm not saying Odom was not a good pilot or that he could not have been good in an aircraft like Beguine; I'm just saying that at the time he was rounding the pylons in Cleveland, he lacked experience in that type of aircraft. It is like taking the winner of the Baja 1000 and putting them in a FIA Formula 1 without much track time. The person may be skilled and gifted and untimely shine, but that first race will probably not end well for them, because it is completely different to what they have experienced before. There are reports that state Odom was shaken after flights, admitted to being in over his head (to Hoover), and said that he was going to walk away after Cleveland.

I think Odom was put into a situation that he had not learned how to quickly recover from.