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Thread: 13 suggestions for improving the races

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    Cool Re: 13 suggestions for improving the races

    Quote Originally Posted by Air Judge View Post
    All good ideas to be sure. But virtually everything costs $$$...something RARA does not have in any ready supply. Unless and until the fiscal house is in order and on a solid path toward solvency, it will require one small step in front of another.

    It's likely 2014 will be much like the recent years...surviving the week with no seriously bent metal on limited resources so the show can go on. Work your butts off to get sponsors, limit expenses, trust in the fans, and point toward 2015 being even a better year. It took several years to find ourselves in this situation...we won't suddenly find ourselves out of it in a season or two. Chart the course, set the trim, and fly straight and level. We'll get there...
    well put Air Judge,time to get Breitling to pony up more and maybe court somebody else to share the top billing!
    The Low Pass Kid

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    Default Re: 13 suggestions for improving the races

    first off there are some very good ideas in the list, but just a few comments.

    1. having someone in the pits to answer questions all the time. I have no problem aInswering questions while in the pit, and I do spend time answering as many as I can.however, sometimes its crunch time and all hands are needed to get the plane ready. I think most teams try to talk to the fans as much as they can.

    years ago they did push ticket sales to the awards banquet. I'm glad they don't any more, I think that it should be for the teams and people involved in the event only. after 10 to 12 days out there I think that everyone needs some decompression time and the banquet provides just that.

    I like the idea of a winners circle, but the logistics are a I used to be the one that organized the duck walk before the gold races on sunday and it took a lot of time to get it all organized. It is a great time riding on the fire truck though.

    I like number 4 but we need to start with announcers that know what is going on.
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    Default Re: 13 suggestions for improving the races

    re: Announcers need to provide mor info.

    Sharon Coates and her crew feed them with all kinds of info, like history, pilot info, all kinds of "color", but the announcers don't always use it and/or ignore it. At least when Sandy did the announcing, he was knowledgable enough to wing it (sometimes a little wrong) and at least he used the facts/info provided to him. The announcers also need to recognize when they need to stop talking so we fans can enjoy the race sounds instead of the sound of their voices. Please, let us hear the engines!

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    Default Re: 13 suggestions for improving the races

    I didn't like the new guy,very impersonal with the announcing , and the way he read our names so fast at the awards was silly , that our little time for pics and memories by the time the first guy was on stage he was already done reading all the names.

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    Default Re: 13 suggestions for improving the races

    It also seems like at the end of every day of racing it ends with "that's it folks have a safe drive home" 5 minutes after the final lap.

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    Default Re: 13 suggestions for improving the races

    Something I hope they resolve is to bring back the unlimited Bronze class. Me: I like 'em all, F1,Sport,Jet,T6, but a lot of folks come for the Unlimiteds. The more, the merrier. Big Unlimited field brings big crowds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arctic Cat View Post
    1. Big fat checker board winners circle in front of grand stands. The winner of every heat race comes to the winners circle. Winner is interviewed, gets chance to thank sponsors. Get a winner’s circle sponsor and say the sponsor’s name every time you refer to the winners circle.
    2. Pay for every heat race and hand out big cardboard check in the above winners circle.
    3. GPS transmitter on every plane with real time scoring so you can see in the stands how fast each plane is turning laps and if they are gaining or losing ground on other planes. Have easily visible timing screens, and you could even have an app for that. Get sponsor for timing clocks.
    4. Roving pit reporter that knows what is going on doing interviews with pilots and crew. The back story of what is going on is important to understand and build the drama. This can’t be some hired gun who doesn’t know anything, you need someone who knows whats going on and doesn’t sound like a dork.
    5. Increase sport class purse to big bucks for top 3 and see who shows up. This is the fast class of the future, make it worth someone’s while to dump some money into something special.
    6. Freshen up the show. The same old jet dragster has been doing the same race for the last 15 years. Get somebody new, like the jet school bus guy. He brings the big yellow school bus and the jet powered porta-potti. Get Sani Hut to Sponsor him.
    7. Bring back the car drop. It’s a cheap & easy filler for dead time. Make sure the pilot knows to not drop it on the runway.
    8. No more than 1 airshow act that fly’s an extra 300 or similar aircraft. Kyle Franklin in the LOUD Waco, Sean Tucker etc.
    9. Have the wall of fire guys light the place up, but have them leave an area burning, leads to the next act a demonstration water drop by a fire er. The big DC-10 would be real cool, but even a smaller single engine tanker would be fun.
    10. Have red bull bring a fmx guy and have him jump the red bull airplane.
    11. Have tent behind stands and have pilots scheduled to do autographs.
    12. Booth in the general admission area where you can buy team merchandise. Give teams a chance to sell to the other 80% of the people that come through the gate that don’t buy a pit pass
    13. Reduce the cost of pit pass or at least anyone under the age of is 18 free with an adult. Combine this with every pit to have a “question answerer” person on the rope to answer questions at all times so that new fans and youngsters can learn about the plane and become a fan.
    What do you guys think.

    I know Reno in Sept. is a 50 year tradition, but Sept. means pulling kids out of school to expose them and potentially get a new generation of fans. I did not make it to Reno until I was out of college and working, & I am a race fan from 1967 on.
    Most summer sports end Aug. 1, and I am not sure anymore when school starts (late Aug.) but it seemed that window is when many plan a vacation.
    As I recall Bill Stead picked Sept. due to Casino's were slow. Maybe after 50 years someone should look to see if this is still true and weigh pros & cons of moving Races to different dates.

    Cons: might conflict with a few air shows, might be harder to get Military display team, might conflict with other Reno events, might be time Casinos are so full they don't want it moved,

    Pro:schools out so might get more families or at least dad & sons, teachers are not working, weather might be warmer and less chance of rain/snow,

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    Default Re: 13 suggestions for improving the races

    It's already hot enough in September, any earlier is no good.

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    Tom Cruise, John Travolta, or A & E.

    A & E is the best answer to the air race problem. A reality show for Air Racin' using Dago and its rebuild as the base for the show. Finance a program and CREATE an audience. If they can do it for a little hillbilly fat girl, a bunch of WT gold miners, crab catchers and some Cajun duck callers, they can do it for air racing. Just sayin

    Are we gonna sit back and watch the races die or are we gonna do something about it??? Who knows somebody at A & E??


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dago Dog View Post
    Are we gonna sit back and watch the races die or are we gonna do something about it???

    How about getting some into the future aspect to it ?

    1. Class for HPAs ( human powered airplanes )
    2. Class for HPAs with solar assisted option
    3. Class for solar powered aerodynes

    QinetiQ a firm in England is going to fly to 40 000 meters with an R/C plane.

    1981 Paul MacCready flew from London to Paris...Solar Impulse flies 24 hours straight 2013.

    I actually figured that an aeroplane with rocket assistance could fly to 100 km altitude...if first flew to 30 km with solar power.

    The Mustangs and F-1s etc Sports class could have new buddies as well !

    Any good ?


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