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Thread: Saturday's pics . . .

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    Default Saturday's pics . . .

    Just managed to make it there for Saturday and thought I'd share what I got.

    Larger size of these and others can be seen on my Reno Air Races 2003 Album

    Hope you enjoy.

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    Thanks Less and everyone who's been posting images! I'm glad this board allows this and in a fairly simple process (he said )

    I know it's not so easy for some but once you get the hang of it, seems pretty easy...


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    You're welcome and I found it quite easy to do so thanks to your interface. Just honing my skills and trying to figure out where the sun is relative to my position to get a better shot so any comments are appreciated. Also used the extra colors of the Agfa Ultra 100 on most of these. The shots I got of the T-Bird performance that I've made into some fine 20X30 prints for some reason I can't make a decent scan of them to post here? With the coming Nellis AFB show, I will be able to make some adjustments and hopefully the T-Birds will make it to our own home field - I was stationed there and have since lived in Vegas.

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