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Thread: Unlimited Gold Results - Saturday

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    It all goes to show.........if it was easy everybody would have a Bearcat. But just because you have a Bearcat doesn't make it easy. Lyle made some good choices. and there is more than one way to skin a cat. But in the first seven years he owned the airplane it was rebuilt from a total wreck, Won at Cape May, Won at Mojave, Finished First at Reno 3 times, set the time to climb record to 10,000 feet. Etc. Etc.
    John Slack

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    Quote Originally Posted by knot4u View Post
    Details, Details, Details.......

    In the early 90's the bear had limited funding and an enthusiastic crew, and was at least competitive. Deep pockets can't subsitute for a cohesive group.
    Ummmmm...... Wrong

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