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Thread: Happy Birthday "KERCH"

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    OT-2 Happy Birthday "KERCH"

    Happy Birthday as ypu get ready for another "Reno". Thanks for the many years you have advanced various Air Race Teams. Without you & your knowledge many top Racers would still be in the Hanger. Have a good one.
    Lockheed Bob

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    A very happy birthday to a real gentleman.
    Had an opportunity to meet him some years back while he was working with the Sanders Brothers near Ione CA. Even while thrashing to get one of the Sea Furies ready for Reno, took the time to show and expalin some modifications underway. Not many folk with the demands of his schedule would have taken the time and effort for some un-announced visitors.

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    Happy birthday Yoda! Learn much from you have I.

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    Happy birthday Kerch. Had the opportunity to chat at length with him at the NAG banquet a few years ago. A very interesting gentleman.

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    Happy birthday and "Best Wishes" to you and the VoDoo team this year at Reno. Always appreciated your input over the past few years for Team Steadfast.

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    Happy Bday Kerch from me but also from all of NAG
    John Clark

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    Happy Birthday "Kerch" (no thumb pun intended!)...Gonna miss hanging out with you this year...It was great having you in our pit last year...All the best to you...See you in Sept.

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