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Thread: Big Screens and LIVE broadcast for 2013 Races!

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    Default Big Screens and LIVE broadcast for 2013 Races!

    Here's the MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT many of you have been hoping for!!! The Reno Air Race Association and LiveAirShowTV are bringing LIVE coverage to Jumbotrons ON the ramp at Stead for the 50th National Championship Air Races. PLUS, a FREE LIVE Internet broadcast will be available to those who can't make it to Stead. Race coverage, on-board video, and the "Inside Story" from the race teams in the Pits will be live Friday, Saturday and Sunday of race week.
    Check back for more detail, in the coming weeks. Watch later tonight for our wrap up on PRS.

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    Default Re: Big Screens and LIVE broadcast for 2013 Races!

    Excellent idea to have live online coverage of the Reno Air Races for 2013. Online now means that it will be an International Event capable of Billions of people being able to watch it from their computers. Can you put a view count that shows how many people are logged on at any time and the total logged on every day?

    What hours will LiveAirShowTV be live online on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

    What is the name of the other organization that covered the Air Races during the last few years, how many and what days did they cover the Reno Air Races and will they be covering the event online this year?

    Maybe in a few years we'll have it like NASCAR and Indy car where you can see air speed, altitude, G's, numerous onboard cameras that can tilt, pan and zoom.
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    Default Re: Big Screens and LIVE broadcast for 2013 Races!

    Where are they going to put the Big screens? behind the grandstands or static display area or the hangers? All the above.

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