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Thread: The ultimate unboxing

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    Default The ultimate unboxing

    Hey guys,
    I found the dream birthday/Christmas present to unwrap
    This is a very cool instructional video made by Republic Aviation back in 1944, looks like a lot of work, but very well thought through.
    Jason Schillereff

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    Outstanding video! Great find Jason.

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    It's possible that at one time after the war had ended, these crated planes could have been available to purchase as unwanted Government Surplus.

    Who's got the stories to tell?

    15-20 years ago as the Navy Bases/Hospitals were closing up, I bought a Medical Laser Eyeball Cutting Machine for $300. The patient sat down behind it and put their face inside a cradle. The doctor sat on the other side and pushed the buttons. It should have never been sold to the public because if your mischievous teenagers got their hands on it and put their friends face inside and pushed the buttons, it could have easily damaged their eyes. Sold it approx 2-3 months later for around $2,000 to a place that buys and sells used medical devices.
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