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Thread: Free Air Racing Gear

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    Default Re: Free Air Racing Gear

    Id love to promote Air Racing in anyway here in NZ, id be damn proud to wear a T shirt, email has been sent!
    race fan, photographer with more cameras than a camera store

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    Default Re: Free Air Racing Gear

    Hey Guys

    Current count is over 150 responses to the offer!

    What a response! Its nice to know people are excited about our silly little airplane!

    The T-shirts were all spoken for before sunset Sunday here in California. Still working out how many of these packages we can send, and trying to gather some Scaled stuff to put in the packages as well. We should start mailing this week!

    Please send pictures of your gear in it's new home for the website.

    Take a second to check out our sponsors below, without them we don't know where we would be, but we know we wouldnt be here.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you,
    Wasabi Air Racing

    Nemesis Air Racing
    Grove Aircraft
    Experimental Aircraft Exhaust
    Rick Poe and Susan Fine
    MGL Avionics
    Twisted Composites
    GT Aero
    Aero Chia
    Wild RC

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    Default Re: Free Air Racing Gear

    So my wife texts me yesterday afternoon, "You and Lane (10 yr old son) got a package from Wasabi Racing. Can Lane open it?" I said "sure".

    Lane was so excited to show me everything you sent when I got home.

    Very very cool. Thanks guys!

    Jeff and Lane

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    Default Re: Free Air Racing Gear

    Thank you for the Team Wasabi stickers and post cards. The stickers are proudly displayed on my tool box and extras spread out through the shop. Thanks again and Happy Holidays

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    Default Re: Free Air Racing Gear

    thanks for the wasabi swag...i will be sticking wasabi "graffiti" all over the shop
    Todd Smith

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    Default Re: Free Air Racing Gear

    The package came today. Thank you very much for the stickers, post cards and the rest of the swag.

    My #2 boy (and new air race fan) quickly asked for a sticker and the SS1 info sheet, witch he now has displayed on his wall.

    The rest of the goodies has yet to find a home. But rest assured it will very quickly.

    Thank you again


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    Default Re: Free Air Racing Gear

    Got my package, too. Have enough different post-cards and decals to make a large or 4 framed pieces.
    Big THANKS!

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    Thumbs up Re: Free Air Racing Gear

    darn, did not get mine yet. did find some keys left in the mail box a couple down from me and turned them in. will check again. go big green!
    The Low Pass Kid...

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    Got our goodie bag!

    Thanks a million Wasabi racing!

    VERY cool stuff indeed!

    My son was excited to get the mail!


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    Default Re: Free Air Racing Gear

    Got all my stuff and it's AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much!

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